Rōnin II - Pink Cassette

Rōnin II - Pink Cassette

£10.99 was

UNKLE's Rōnin II mixtape, featuring the brand new singles The Way Back Home (Rōnin / Original) and Instability: Closer Than You Will Ever Be (Rōnin / Original), as well as 8 brand new UNKLE remixes.

This limited edition package is exclusive to the UNKLE store, and features photography by long-time UNKLE collaborators Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones, and designs from Toshiya Horiuchi of 7STARS Design, as well as Studio:UNKLE.

Package featuring:

  • Obi-Strip.
  • Pink Cassette.
  • Clear Cassette Case.
  • Limited edition of 200 copies.

Includes a digital download of the album comprising the separated segued (mixed) tracks.


  1. Tōjō Ni
  2. The Way Back Home (Rōnin / Original)
  3. On My Knees (Rōnin / Revisited)
  4. Exodus (Rōnin / Revisited)
  5. Farewell (Rōnin / Revisited)
  6. Ar.Mour (Rōnin Def Mix)
  7. Looking For The Rain (Rōnin Reconstruction)
  8. Arm’s Length (Rōnin / Club)
  9. Nothing To Give (Rōnin Reconstruction)
  10. Sonata (Rōnin Reconstruction )
  11. Instability: Closer Than You Will Ever Be (Rōnin / Original)

Featuring vocals by: Miink, Michael Kiwanuka, Mark Lanegan, ESKA, YSÉE, Elliott Power, Keaton Henson, Liela Moss, Dhani Harrison, Steven Young, Callum Finn.

Including string arrangements by Philip Sheppard and Wil Malone. Produced, written, and arranged by UNKLE.

Released on Vinyl including: Deluxe Ltd Edition, Standard Edition, Ultra-Limited Test Pressing, and Ultra-Limited Artists’ Edition as well as Deluxe CD, Cassette, and digitally.